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headind Green Initiative

We live on a planet with limited resources and there is concern world over to make industry more eco-friendly. Here at Arto Precast, we do what we can to be more responsible towards the environment. We actively apply principles and methodologies that use less energy, less water and materials for the same output and reduce our emissions and waste by adopting environmentally friendly production technologies, and where possible the use of recycled materials. Our focus is to reduce waste and consume less energy, to reduce the overall carbon footprint; while maintaining high quality standards.

headind Scope of Activities

Manufacture of Concrete Products like Box Culverts, Valve Chambers, Cover Slabs,Manholes & Manholes Covers of all shapes, U-drains, Cable trenches and other kinds of precast concrete products using wet cast or dry cast methods. The production methods are finalised based on the product requirements as well as the requirements of the clients.

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