headind Air Valve Chamber

air valve chamberView more images Precast concrete Air Valve Chambers are mainly produced for water supply pipelines. They provide protection and access to the Air Valves that are used to relieve high pressure in the pipelines. They come in various sizes and are available in both circular and rectangular shapes.

headind Compound Wall

compound wall View more images A commonly used product that is available in two types. The first is more common, where there are slabs slotted in between two poles and can reach a height of around 7 feet. The slabs can be given different designs and/or colours. The second is a cantilever type wall, where the entire wall is a monolithic structure. This can reach a height of up-to 10 feet and are used for areas that require a higher strength compound wall.

headind Covers and Slabs

covers and slabs View more images These products have a wide range of uses. They are used to cover drains and manholes or to create footpaths, etc. They are quite customisable in terms of size and shape; and the design and texture can also be customized.

headind Manholes and Covers

 View more images We are the first company to be able to provide precast Manholes in India. They serve the purpose of allowing access to underground pipeline and drains for routine maintenance and to help clear out any clogging. Our designs allow the depth of the manhole to go up-to 8 meters. Using precast Manholes also cuts installation time significantly when compared to traditional methods.

headind U-drains

U-drains View more images These are U shaped concrete elements that are used world over. They commonly serve the purpose of being storm water drains or cable trenches. They are usual covered by a slab but can sometimes be left open. They are much faster to install than traditional methods.

headind Box Culvert

Box Culverts View more images Concrete Box Culverts are square/rectangle shaped elements that are generally placed below a roadway to allow for passage of storm water or for cables. They can also be used as ‘Magic boxes’ (underpasses). These come in many sizes but are limited to a size of 4000mm x 4000mm when manufactured through precast methodologies.

headind Dividers

Dividers View more images These are elements used to separate the two sides of a road or the footpath from the road. They can have variable heights as required and see their application primarily on highways. They are very durable.

headind Kerbstone

Kerb Stones View more images These concrete blocks are used to line the border of a footpath or a road divider. They come in different size and the shape can be customised to requirement.

headind Light Pole

Light Pole View more images As the name suggests, these are concrete light poles. They can have a variable height and are easy to install. They come with the added benefit of being higher quality and customisable when made using precast methods.

headind Milestones

Milestones View more images A simple product that serves as a distance marker along roadways, water pipelines and cable ways. They are more cost effective and more durable than traditional methodologies.

headind Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions View more images We at Arto are committed to providing the best Precast solutions for our customers. Many products are not standardised, however we can design and manufacture products to suit our customers requirements.

headind Concrete Staircase

Custom Solutions View more images Precast Concrete stair case as the name itself implies used as access ways between floors in buildings .One of the most time consuming while casting at site which is so much simplified by giving a precast stair case

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