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We have already acquired vendors who have given us work orders. Megha Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. has given us the work order for the manufacture of Air Valve Chambers, approximately 2500 pieces, valued at Rs. 3 crores.

NCC Infrastructure Limited have issued a work order for about 4000 pieces, valued at Rs. 4 crores. We are currently in the process of completing their order.

We have also done some samples for Chennai storm water drain projects and are in the intial stages of finalizing an order with us.

We are exceuting U drains work for confident group in bangalore to the tune of Rs. 4 Corers

we are also doing cable trench work for Brigade Group , Value of work is 100 lacs.

we have got our own design approved from BWSSB bangalore for supply of manholes of sizes 1200 ,1500 ,1800 MM in Dia.

we have also developed and supply 1500 MM Manholes for L&W in Chennai.

we are also manufacturing FRP manholes for reliance info the values of the work 200 lakhs.

With all the above details described and with the capabilities of the entire team and our associates, we are ready to deliver solutions required for our customers at their door steps with efficieny and innovation.

- Arto Precast Concrete

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