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Arto is one of India’s leading manufacturer of precast concrete products.
We distinguish ourselves by consistently making high quality innovative products. In fact over the years we have pioneered and introduced many new products into the Indian market.We continue to give India cost-effective, durable, maintenance-free, aesthetic, user-friendly, and environmentally-friendly precast concrete solutions.

headind Vision

Our vision is to make precast concrete the preferred building proces s of choice without sacrificing the interests of anybody in, direct or indirect, relation to our industry. We at Arto are commited to produce quality concrete for sustainable developement and would strive to emphasize the fact that precast concrete is the best environmentally friendly process for concrete based construction available today.

headind Mission

Our mission is to provide the best quality possible for precast concrete and be at the forefront of the concrete industry though efficency and ingenuity. We strive to develop, maintain and improve the quality of all our products; and to provide a sustainable developement plan using precast concrete.

headind Core Values

  • Committed to fair business practice and customer-satisfaction under all circumstances.
  • Care, respect and empowerment of the employees thereby encouraging pro-active learning at every stage during their association with us and thereafter.
  • Belief in continuous improvement, innovation and creativity in products and services; which can be achieved through a common mindset, team spirit and a partnering approach with the Employees as well as all associated.
  • Believe that able leadership can deliver consistent quality that is essential for profitability and long-term survival.
  • Make achievable commitments with care; adhere to them without compromising on the quality and delivery.
  • Economical always; protect and conserve the company's and customers resources with the same zeal as one would do with their personal resources.
  • Aware of the need to attend to any matter pertaining to customers on an immediate basis. Be customer-driven, minimise problems and respond to problems in a positive manner.

headind Green Initiative

We live on a planet with limited resources and there is concern world over to make industry more eco-friendly. Here at Arto Precast, we do what we can to be more responsible towards the environment. We actively apply principles and methodologies that use less energy, less water and materials for the same output and reduce our emissions and waste by adopting environmentally friendly production technologies, and where possible the use of recycled materials. Our focus is to reduce waste and consume less energy, to reduce the overall carbon footprint; while maintaining high quality standards.

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